Les mains du terroir de Champagne

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Champagne Aspasie - Brouillet -

Passed down from generation to generation, Paul-Vincent Ariston is following two centuries of wine making which dates back to a legal act from January 13th, 1794. For 5 generations, the family has been perfecting the Art of Champagne-making, mixing modernity with respect of skill and knowledge.

The Aspasie estate is 12 hectares of the three grapes varieties needed to produce Champagne.

The older vines, at 35 years, dominate the site and give the best quality fruit. Since the beginning, in 1794, the family has worked together to harvest and gently press the grapes in their own cellars before blending them to obtain the balance and finesse that is Aspasie.

Named in honor of one of the family ancestors, the Aspasie Champagne was especially created for the third Millenium. Resulting from traditional wine making “savoir-faire”, Champagne Aspasie are carefully selected. Through their delicate bubbles and complex aroma, they reflect exigency and patience needed to produce great wines.

Site web : www.champagneaspasie.com

Champagne Maxime Blin - Trigny -

Our Champagne is make in the tradition. Our champagne has the characteristic of one terroir, and the guaranty of a traceability of the Champagne Maxime Blin between the vines to the selling. Fourth generation in a long line of wine-growers. Maxime Blin, young viticulturist who loves the land and the wine, vinifies his champagne on the family estate of 12 Ha. Located in Trigny, in the heart of the Massif de Staint Thierry about 10 Km of Reims, he grows the three Champagne Grape Varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, on vines which have an average age of 20 years.

With passion and authenticity, from working on the land through shipping the bottles The domaine produce around 100 000 bottles per year, and we are selling on Japan, Brazil, Togo, Benin, Singapore. We have create a lable young and luxury for have a good dynamic for the Champagne Maxime Blin.

I want to be a guarantor of quality wine recognized through various competitions: We have received 4 medal in 2013, and more between 2010. For the Cuvée Maxime Blin, Gold Medal at the International Competition of wine Brussels 2010 Silver Medal at the International Wine Challenge 2011 Bronze Medal at the Challenge International des Vin 2013 Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013 For Carte Blanche Brut Gold Medal at the Concours des Vignerons Independants 2011 Publication of the Guide Hachette 2011 Bronze Medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2012 Gold Medal Wine competition Property Epernay 2012 Guide Hachette 2013 Silver Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013 For the Brut Rosé: Silver Medal at the Concours des Vignerons Independants 2011 Bronze Medal at the Challenge International des Vin 2013 For the 2002 vintage: Two Stars in the Guide Hachette 2011 Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2012 You find on our site www.champagne-maxim-blin.com all the information about the Domaine Maxime Blin, and on Facebook Maxime Blin for have the live of the domaine.

Site web: www.champagne-maxime-blin.com

Les Mains du Terroir de Champagne

Massif de Saint Thierry, Vallée de l’Ardre, Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne, Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne, Côte des Bar...

The diversity of origins.


Champagne Marie Copinet - Montgenost -

For us it’s the most natural thing in the world to be as eco-friendly as possible. What better way to show our love of the wonderful chalky soil of le Sézannais, to do justice to the savoir-faire passed down to us from earlier generations of our family and proudly to uphold the reputation of our magnificent terroir?

Fiercely independent by nature, we’ve created an elegant, modern identity for “Champagne Marie Copinet” based on the unrelenting pursuit of excellence and authenticity that we have inherited from a long tradition of wine-making. “Champagne by Copinet” is a subtle blend of refinement, tradition and commitment to the environment.

To experience “Champagne by Copinet” is not only to enjoy a range of champagnes that will delight and surprise you with their bold and lively character, but also to discover an unchanging terroir and the chic elegance of a little-known corner of Champagne.

Site web: www.champagne-marie-copinet.com

Champagne De Sousa - Avize -

He has set up his business in Avize, at the heart of Côte de Blancs, one of the four great areas of the Champagne region in the south of Epernay. The vineyard is located on the greatest classified Grands Crus terroirs of Chardonnay : Avize, Oger, Cramant, Le Mesnil sur Oger.

A member of the third generation, Erick De Sousa has been at the head of this 9,5 Ha family domain since 1986. They live into the vineyard

The vineyard size is 10 Ha in organic and biodynamic farming. The grape variety are Pinot Noir 30% - Pinot Meunier 10% - Chardonnay 60% - Veilles vignes old wines 70% ; average year of vineyard: 45 old

Site web : www.champagnedesousa.com

Champagne Paul Dethune - Ambonnay -

Champagne Paul Déthune pays very close attention to respect for the environment. The certification HVE (High Environmental Value) is a first recognition in this direction, and sustainable viticulture naturally followed this path (certified 2016) : reintroduction of bees with installation of hives, zero insecticides, zero herbicides, use of organic fertilizer, and in-row weeding and grassing of the vineyard rows are our house techniques. The House continues this virtuous approach by starting the organic conversion of its vineyard in 2019. 2021 marks the second year of organic conversion. The vineyard, a pioneer in Champagne, was equipped with 54 m2 of photovoltaic panels. With this installation, the operation produces 20% of its electricity consumption. In 2020, it generates 100% of the electricity it consumed.

Pierre vinifies and ages his wines in stainless steel tanks but mainly in Champagne barrels of 205 litres and 34 hl oak barrels, with reserve wines from over 40 different years: a real art!

It would be a great pleasure to welcome you to our estate to propose you a private tour of our press, wineries, traditional cellars in chalk from the 17th century and our new cellar and vat room... do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an indispensable appointment.

Site web : www.champagne-dethune.com

Champagne Gatinois - Ay -

Champagne Gatinois is first of all the story of a wine growers' family settled in the ancient village of Aÿ. Twelve generations which followed one another and have helped give our family estate its soul, its style, its name. It is the story of a domaine, tended like a garden, located in the heart of the fabulous hillsides of Aÿ. Plots of land where the Pinot Noir is the Lord and offers us the finesse and the strength so typical of this Grand Cru. It is the story of Champagnes with their own strong personality, developed with the will to let express the unique style of our terroir.

It is me, Louis, who have the honor to pursue this family story and took back the estate since 2010.

From the vine to the champagne flute, every stage is carefully mastered and guided by respect and attention: respect for the Terroir and its environment, for the grapes, for the wines. Vinifications are slowly led, they leave time to the wines to become alive. My will is to care and protect the quality, while remaining the most discreet possible to let the Terroir express itself.

The Pinot Noir, accompanied with a touch of Chardonnay, is at the heart of my blends. I shall be happy to share with you the soul of our house through my champagnes.

Site web : www.champagnegatinois.com


Vineyard artisan for 5 generations, Champagne Hugues Godmé is made up of a mosaic of 4 villages in the Montagne de Reims. Verzenay and Verzy with elegance and freshness of Pinot Noirs, Villers-Marmery offers us its finest Chardonnays and Ville-Dommange its gourmet Meuniers.

The observation of soils and its microbial life made us aware in the 1990s, of the exceptional assets formed by the fragmentation of our plots.

Certified in Biodynamics since 2014, we cultivate the well-being of the vine, its environment and a gentle development of wines to offer vibrant champagnes.

Site web : www.champagne-hugues-godme.com

Champagne Philippe Gonet -Mesnil-sur-Oger-

Pierre and Chantal Gonet brother and sister: the terroir and the world. He is all about creating wines and she proudly distributes them around the globe.

Subtly complementary, they share the same steadfast and intangible principles: the precious guardians of quality, handed down by their forefa- thers along the road of passing time. This heritage produces champagnes that ally strength and delicacy with a distinct and defined stature.

At the summit of finesse, they are aesthetic objects, objects of beauty. In the dim light of the intimate cellars, bottles lay their sensually curved shoulders against the chalk that brings them to life.

Site web : www.champagne-philippe-gonet.com


Artisan winemaker, Grower & Producer for 4 generations, we develop champagnes that carry the taste of the land from which they come. Our recipe is simple: we make sure that the soil, the vine and the wine feel good.

Loving wine as much as nature Nicolas and I decided in the early 2000s to go beyond the principles of sustainable farming established by my father. We switched to HVE then to organic conversion. This respect for nature implemented in the vines allows the terroir to express itself, so that each tiny change in soil, exposure or altitude, to name a few, can reveal major changes in our wines.

Our wish is to allow you to feel these connections with the soils, to perceive the vibrations of the rock and to appreciate the maturity of the orientation… 4 villages, 2 Grands Crus, 1 Premier Cru, 3 grape varieties and 36 plots exposed in all directions, at different altitudes, on a vast range of soils and subsoils, offer us a mosaic of clear wines with singular character. Our range is put together like a taste odyssey where each Champagne is an invitation to explore our house

Site web : www.champagne-henrietbazin.com

Champagne Janisson Baradon et Fils - Epernay -

Janisson-Baradon, a small grower from Épernay established in 1922 by George Baradon (a remueur) and his son-in-law (a cooper).

Five generations later, and now directed by Maxence (principal winemaker) and Cyril Janisson, they have 9ha of vineyards which encircle Epernay (Champagne’s capital) to the west, in the Massif St. Thierry, and with the remainder in Chouilly (this latter forming the base for a Grand Cru Chardonnay which they produce).

For several years they have been practising lutte raisonnée, basically using the bare minimum of chemicals in their vineyards and grassing over between vine rows, for example, to maintain soil integrity as much as possible, a practise that has becoming increasingly common in Champagne.

Vinification is a mix of steel and wood with malolactic fermentation for the non-vintage cuvées and 100% wood (old Burgundy barrels, 3-18 years old) with no malolactic performed for the vintages. They are also experimenting with cement egg fermentation, of which they have two.

All the wines are characterised by long lees ageing and 6 months minimum resting period between disgorgement and release.

Site web : www.champagne-janisson.com


Exceptionnal terroir deserves exceptionnal care …
Observing and looking after the vines, working the ground and under-ground to enhance the inherent characteristics of each plot, giving priority to quality rather than quantity…

… since they took over the family domaine in 2007, Géraldine & Richard have been aiming at exalting their terroir in order to extract outstanding grapes, prerequisite for great wines!

They will welcome you in Ecueil, land of Pinot Noir, on the Montagne de Reims where 95% of their vineyard is planted. You will discover brand new premises combining modernity and tradition and will enjoy their Premier Cru Champagnes!

Site web : www.champagne-lacourte-godbillon.com

Les Mains du Terroir de Champagne

Massif de Saint Thierry, Vallée de l’Ardre, Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne, Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne, Côte des Bar...

The diversity of origins.


Champagne Penet - Verzy -

Our world class, Terroir-focused Champagnes, are made exclusively with sustainably grown grapes from our 6ha Grand Cru vineyards of Verzy and Verzenay.

A unique style, which combines character, minerality, and an outstanding purity, enhanced by zero or a very low dosage, perfect for pairing with the finest dishes.

Our label design is refined and sensual, a perfect match for our authentic and vibrant brand.

Setting a new standard in luxury Champagne.

Site web: www.lamaisonpenet.com

Champagne Perseval Farge - Chamery -

Chamery, Premier cru village in the heart of the Montagne de Reims , is more than just a pretty place ! Our family, which has always been passionate about wine, has been based here since the start of the 18th century. As of 1990 we have been committed to achieving the highest standards of integrated viticulture. Our philosophy is to respect the environment and to be actively involved in sustainable development. We strongly believe that our industry must respect the land that we live on so that future generations may continue to do so. This is our mission in life.

Our vineyard covering 4 hectares is mainly planted with the classical chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes but also with newer plantations: pinot gris or fromentot, petit meslier and arbanne to enhance the older grape varieties. The diversity of our vines offers a wide sensory range. We are proud of our heritage which revives memories and encourages curiousity. This allows us to create wines blended with grape varieties from both today and yesterday.

The Champagne region produces endless variations and each characteristic must be taken into account as they influence the grape typicity and the champagne. We develop regional wines with character and try to produce rich and masterfully blended wines.

Site web : www.perseval-farge.fr

Champagne Eric Rodez - Ambonnay -

For nearly three centuries, the land of Champagne carves our family over the course of generations. Sometimes mason, sometimes carpenter-cabinetmaker, very early we tied ourselves to the vine.

Respect for our vines is an everyday concern and we try to glean all techniques, all tracks to a greater respect for our vineyard, encouraging natural balance(herbal medicine, aromatherapy, ...) in compliance with organic production rules. It is useless to try to boost the vine, it is useless to try to replace Mother Nature, it is often sufficient to simply use common sense.

This common sense that our ancestors have used and sometimes abused to give birth to this land where we have the opportunity and pleasure of working to produce, but more importantly, over-produce.

The quality, the level of expression, the melody played by our Champagnes but also the level of pleasure and enjoyment depend on your taste buds.

Site web : www.champagne-rodez.com

Champagne Vazart Coquart - Chouilly -

The Champagne Vazart-Coquart enchants the expert palaces for over 50 years. Jacques Vazart, following his parents Marie and Louis, decides in 1954 to begin the wine making of the fruit of their vineyards of Chardonnay. It is the beginning of the beautiful epic of the champagne Vazart-Coquart. The first historic cuvee is Brut Reserve. Will follow the vintage Grand Bouquet and the "Special Foie gras". The Cuvée Camille was created in homage to the grandparents of Jacques Vazart (their both first-names were "Camille").

In 1991, Jean-Pierre Vazart, after his wine-making studies, joins his father on the domain. In 1996, Jean-Pierre enters in the prestigious « Club Trésors de Champagne » and today, the cuvee "Special Club" is the Prestige vintage of the domain. In 2006, Jacques Vazart passed away, leaving the reins to his son Jean-Pierre who since manages successfully the Champagne Vazart-Coquart, surrounded with his professionals' team.

In 2012 is created "Terroirs et Talents de Champagne", a group of winemakers of exceptions, that want to show their works to the amateurs and to the professionals. Quite naturally, Vazart-Coquart is part of founders.

2013 sees arriving the new labels, modern and colored for the 7 bottles of the domain, and 2014 will see arriving a new web site.
Welcome to "Les Mains du Terroir"

Site web : www.champagnevazart-coquart.com

Champagne Maurice Vesselle - Bouzy -

Three generations of champagne producers have worked these vineyards before Maurice Vesselle took the reins of the property in 1955. In recent years, his sons, Didier and Thierry Vesselle have assumed the operation, along with Madame Vesselle and have combined tradition and modern production methods."

Situated on the south flank of the “Montagne de Reims”, a large thumb like plateau separating the city of Reims to the north and the Marne River Valley to the south, the vineyards of Maurice Vesselle, in Bouzy and Tours sur Marne, are 100% Grand Cru. With just a bit over 20 acres under vine, 85% is planted to Pinot noir and 15% to Chardonnay, with an average vine age of 35 years.

The grapes are harvested at the peak of their maturity and pressed gently, and quickly, and the heavy fines allowed to settle before fermentation at low temperature. Malolactic fermentation is not effected permitting the wines to keep their freshness and finesse during the years of ageing in the cellar.

Site web : www.champagnemauricevesselle.com